If you have been unfortunate enough to ruin your mobile screen, don’t be sad, because you can repair it and it will be like new. If you don’t know what to do, here are two simple ways to get a new glass again. And while the best way to protect your phone, is by looking at phone cover designs, and choosing one that will fit your phone, if the accident has been out already, there’s not much to do in this area.

1. Do It Yourself

Depending on your model, it can either be remarkably easy or very difficult. For example, an iphone 5 repair is much easier than replacing spare parts on the old iphone model and remember that you cannot just replace the glass, but you have to replace the entire construction. If you can still use your apps, then perhaps the cost of replacing outweights the immediate need, and you would be better off saving up for a brand new model.

Surf the web to find the necessary screen, because there are many e-shops that not only offer necessary parts for cheap money, but some of them include iPhone screen repairs if you order from them.

2. Pay someone else to fix it

If you find that you are not as good at repairing your iPhone screen yourself, you can always take it to a repair shop where experienced technicians will solve the problem. There are many repair shops in Copenhagen and throughout Denmark that offer services at different prices, but you should be aware of what parts they are using. Of course, most of them will offer you to choose from original or third-party parts, so it’s up to you what to use during the repair process.

While third-party iPhone parts can almost cost half the original parts, then it may happen that they do not fit perfectly, and if you have spent a few hundred dollars on what is important for a luxury item, you will not want to put such parts in it-so I will always anbef Ale that you choose official Apple parts.

3. Sell it as is, for a reduced price

You can still get some money for your broken iPhone, often it will be a small amount less than what you would get for it if you spent the money to fix it and then sell it. Look around the marketplaces for the current prices and see what makes the most sense economically. You can also buy cool phone cases for your iPhone to protect it against damage, this will help against most drops and even some direct hits.