Macrophilia and microphilia often shortened as macro and micro are paraphilia that involve an interest in people or creatures that are either larger than them (Macro) or smaller than them (micro). The differences in size between the two can range from several inches to hundreds of miles in some extreme cases. To get an overview between microphilia and macrophilia, we have to visit each of them at a time.

Differences between Microphilia and Macrophilia

Let’s see some of the main differences between both.


This appears to be becoming a gradually popular sexual paraphilia. The individuals derive sexual excitement from a captivation with miniaturized people or a sexual fantasy involving small people. The fantasies include the microphiles having deep thoughts about others shrinking in front of them. The fantasy can be from both gender but that of women appears to be popular than their counterparts.

Alternatively, some of the microphiles fantasize of their sexual partner shrinking or reducing in size to a typical height while the microphiles themselves persist unchanged. There are many instances that give different associations to Microphilia. Some of the people argue that microphilia may be associated with masochism as opposed to sadism. They are also involved with other paraphilia such as vorarephilia-A sexual paraphilia associated with people getting sexual arousal by the idea of being eaten or eating another person. However, this sexual case is not a very common type of paraphilia. Some of the people consider it as a type of bondage sex, dominating sex or even fetish sex.


This term translates to the ‘’lover of the large’’. From the translation, you can be able to deduce that the macrophiles deduce sexual arousal from seeing people broaden in front of them. Alternatively, it is also a process of getting sexual satisfaction from fantasizing getting involved in sexual matters with large individuals (Macrophiles). The cases of Macrophilia are so common in men than in women. Some other work define the term macrophile as people who romanticize about sex with giants or beings that are larger in size than them. Although there are limited studies about the macrophiles, some of the existing studies link it to domination and vulnerability. The domination and the vulnerability lie at the very heart of macrophilia. Men get sexual arousal by being denominated or being mistreated by the giants. Men who want sexual arousal with giants are believed to be using the internet and the advancement in technology to bring their imaginations into reality.

Wrapping it up!

From the above briefing, you can now be able to differentiate between microphilia and macrophilia. One of the clearest differences about the people involved in both. Macrophilia involves sexual arousal and or fantasy by giants while microphilia involves diminishing creatures. The other difference is that Macrophilia is usually common between the Men while microphilia is common in women.

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