The best experience of a vacation can only be gained if you experience the local culture and tradition, and food of a particular region definitely plays a part in that. For example, if you are in Italy, you shouldn’t miss the authentic Italian cuisine. The aroma, spices, and ingredients used there will tell you the story of different parts of the country and the name will also signify something unique. When you are in Caribbean island, you can get the platter of tropical food to taste. Just book vacation homes with a private pool in Anguilla and enjoy the awesome cuisine to make your vacation fun-filled.

If you are a foodie and always up for tasting different types of delicious dishes, then Anguilla will surely amaze you. The variety of Caribbean cuisine is available here. If you want to dine in a luxurious restaurant, you can get several of them in Anguilla. Also, you can trigger your adventure spirit and spend nights on the talcum beach while tasting the foods from the beach shack. There you can get the local food without much modification. Now, while talking about Caribbean cuisine, it is a mixed-up style. It has the influence of Spanish, French and obviously the English culinary with the strong traditional style of African cuisine. So, when you are in Anguilla, you can taste the authentic dishes or follow the mixed tradition. Let’s see what Anguilla has to offer you in its platter.

  • Sea-foods

You are on a beachside. It is quite obvious that you will be offered with different types of sea-foods over there. You can have conch, crabs, spiny lobsters, shrimp, and prawns. Besides these, you can also taste a variety of preparation of the local fish, mahi-mahi, and marlin along with grouper and red snapper. There is seafood which may not be included as elite, but available at the shacks as it is the staple food of the locals. This is a must ingredient in soups, casseroles, and stews.

  • Different Types of Meats

As Anguilla is an island, livestock is not that much popular here. Still, you can have small livestock in plenty. Among those, you can have the extraordinary preparation of mutton, pork, goat and obviously, poultry. Goat is hugely popular here as it is served in curries, soups, stews and lots of other recipes. The popular recipe of goat is the jerk that is mainly Jamaican delicacy but has spread throughout the entire Caribbean Island. Though beef is not that much common still you can find imported beef in restaurants.

  • Vegetables and Fruit

It is true that Anguilla is a tropical island and that’s why it should have lots of locally grown vegetables and fruits. But, in Anguilla, the picture is a bit different. Being too sandy and infertile, Anguilla doesn’t produce much. It has to import its greens from the mainland. Presently, technological innovation in farming has made it possible to grow certain things in the land of Anguilla. Corps like, peppers, limes, tomatoes, callalloo (a special type of locally available leafy green), are grown. You can also find several types of citrus fruits along with ginger, garlic, squash, onions, pumpkins, etc. The beaches are surrounded by numerous coconut trees. Therefore, coconuts are readily available here. While talking about fruits of Anguilla, there must be mangoes on the list. Apart from it, you can have sugar apples, cherry nuts, banana, avocado and more. You can have the raw fruits or eat the preparations made of those. All are equally yummy.

  • Starch

So far, you get to know only about side dishes. Apart from having salads or soups, all above ingredients are used to prepare varieties of lip-smacking side dishes. What can you eat with them? Like the entire world. The locals also depend on starchy food as the main course. Rice is imported and you can often have with these dishes. Besides that, you can have yam or sweet potatoes that are grown here. Potatoes are not used as primary starch here. Those are available, but not in plenty. The use of cornmeal and flour is expensive. One of the most popular Anguillan desserts is Johnnycake and it is made of these two ingredients.

Different Types of Dishes in Anguilla

Based on these ingredients, the Anguillan cuisine is magical in its own terms. The conch salad is really popular while you can also have conch fritters. There are also other dishes, made of different types of sea-foods. Barbeque and jerk are also favorite of the locals as well as the tourists. Fruits are often used to prepare deep-fried fritters, like coconut fritters. These are seasoned with local spices, like allspice and other tropical ingredients. To sweeten any dish, sugar and rum are used in plenty. Dumplings, bisques, like lobster bisque, callalloo, etc. are hugely popular throughout the island.

So, here you get a glimpse of the foods available at Anguilla. If you aren’t afraid of trying new things, Anguilla can create a celebration for your taste buds. If you go to the restaurants, you can have different types of preparation of known objects while the beach shacks will offer you common yet tasty foods. You can experience the both as each has its own flavor. Enjoy your stay at Anguilla, visit the local sightseeing, go for the adventure sports and finally, end your trip with awesome foods.