We know we should eat more greens, yet we don’t. In fact, we need to eat 600 grams of fruit and vegetables a day to keep us healthy and well functioning, but even with good intentions it can be difficult to put pressure on health in today’s meals. With a few simple tricks it becomes a bit easier – here we give inspiration for your next, slightly greener meal.

The rise of grated cauliflower
Divide a cauliflower head into bouquets and tear them on a grater, chop them nicely with a knife or give them a short turn in the food processor. The cauliflowers are similar to traditional rice, but the cauliflower adds an extra dimension to the dishes you choose to serve them.

After chopping the cauliflower bouquets, you can choose to bake them on a baking sheet at 180 degrees hot air for approx. 20 minutes or let them pull for a moment in boiled water. They can also be eaten raw if you prefer to make the cauliflower taste clearer.

Extra vegetables in the meat sauce
The meat sauce is a favorite among both children and adults, and it is amazingly easy to do a little healthier. Grind carrots, squash, eggplant, peppers (keep yourself the list!) And mix the healthy ingredients in the sauce before you let it simmer. The vegetables not only give more flavors to the meat sauce, they also provide a delicious and creamy consistency.

Pasta of squash and carrots
Completely thin and fine strips of squash and carrots can make it out for pasta and taste fabulous with a good tomato or meat sauce. The squash paste has become so popular that it has its own name – it is often called “squashgetti” or “courgetti”.

You can cut the strips with a knife, but it’s easiest to cook the squash gettin with a so-called spiralizer that is made for the purpose. Such one can be found in most well-stocked hardware stores.

Revolve vegetables in the backyard
Here too the squash is on the pitch. Squash is a good thing to do in all kinds of pastries, from birthday cake to cake, and in addition to giving a good taste and extra bite, it also decorates with its fine green color. Carrot cake is also a classic, and cracked carrots are a nice addition to the coarse breakfast buns. Try the next time you cook – we can also recommend experimenting with eg. Grated cauliflower and broccoli in bread and buns.

Potato and vegetable mash
The mashed potatoes easily get an extra boost if you mix different cooked vegetables before blending or mashing. Celery, for example, is good in mashed potatoes if you like the slightly distinctive flavor. Also try with grated cauliflower or carrots, which gives the mash a nice orange color.

If you have a taste for the nutritious vegetable fusion, you can also completely omit the potatoes and make the mash exclusively of different vegetables.

Vegetable mothie and juice
A vegetable juice for breakfast is almost like drinking a glass of liquid energy that can keep your toes all the day. Are you for the classic green juice, it is an obvious and healthy choice.

Doing a little bit to get the vegetable juice in the children, you can combine the vegetables with a little sweeter fruit. Carrot and pineapple tastes for example. Surprisingly well together in a juice, like apples make any vegetable juice a bit sweeter.

Healthy snacks for the eveningĀ 
When going to the front of the TV in the evening, a candy bowl or a bag of chips often accompanies. If you want to keep the crushing sensation down and turn down for the calorie intake, try healthy snacks such as roasted chickpeas or roasted pumpkin seeds. In addition to the good conscience, home-made snacks have the advantage that you can spice them exactly as you like.