“Your baby’s sooooo cute!”

“Is your child a model?”

“Have I seen your kid on TV?”

You may have heard any one or all of these questions regarding your child. Many may have already oohed and aahed over your tiny tot. Your little one may have already been mistaken for a child actor, model, or celebrity wherever you go.

Born a Star

Almost, if not all, parents think the world of their kids. To moms and dads, their bundle of joy is truly heaven’s gift. In the eyes of doting parents, their kids are the most beautiful beings ever created.

To every family in the world, every baby is born a star.

And a star they are groomed up to be. Children are exposed to different kinds of lessons, trainings, and experiences just so they can determine what they would really like to be when they grow up. They want to be a doctor, engineer, astronaut, unicorn-tamer… the list is endless!

Lights, Camera, Action!

While some kids are more comfortable working behind the scenes, some are natural-born entertainers. These are kids who revel being in front of the camera or performing for an audience.

Their confidence level is sky high which makes them willing to try out many different things that will allow them to continue to bask in the limelight.

If your child or children are tiny supernovas, shining with potential and have stellar personalities, then you might want to check out these top fields where your little ones can shine the brightest.

Here are five fields where your budding child star can be most at home in:

1. Modelling

If you normally catch your child posing in front of the mirror and striking poses, ask if your kid would like to try out modelling.

You see a lot of instances when children of all ages are featured in print and TV commercials, fashion spreads, brand billboards, and other forms of modelling exposure. From baby formulas to children’s couture, your kid can be one of the nation’s (and even the world’s) top child models.

There is high demand for kids aged six months to 18 years in this thriving field but only the best ones who display a certain amount of charm and good humor, backed with committed parents, can make the cut.

At the same time, it makes a world of difference if a reputable child modelling agency represents you. Their years of experience will have earned them an expansive network of clients so your child will have more chances of getting more modelling gigs.

2. Film

Some kids not only excel at working the photographer’s camera. Other children were born to be actors and actresses who get to be cast in films.

The movie industry, in its dedication to reenact real life, will always have a demand for kids of varying ages. From mewling newborns to tenacious teens, there is a kaleidoscope of roles that can be filled.

If your child has the passion to pursue acting, enlist the help of an agent who will put your child’s best interests at heart. Beware of fly-by-night agents and only go for a reputable children’s talent agency that has earned a reputation for being fair and professional. With their help, your child will be guided well on his or her way to stardom.

3. Television

Not only is there demand for the silver screen. Local networks have a roster of television shows that call for child actors. These are kids who can adeptly bring a young character’s personality to life with their realistic portrayal of childhood emotions.

Your aspiring little actor can very well chart his or her path to superstardom through television stints. Managed by a trustworthy talent agency, your kid will surely get roles that are age-appropriate and will not be subjected to possible abusive work situations.

With the right representation, your child will be protected and will only get properly curated roles that will help propel his or her career to dizzying heights.

4. Theater

Some kids prefer to act on stage. Whether it is a straight play or an all-out musical, child actors are very much a part of the performing arts.

Aside from developing their skills in acting, singing or dancing, these kids will also develop enviable work ethics that will serve them well as they grow to be responsible, professional adults. The world’s a stage and starting young on the actor’s stage can be a good way to open up doors in show business.

Go for casting agencies that specialise in representing children. There are those who have over 10 years of experience fielding child actors in nearly every major theatrical production in Australia. It would help if you take advantage of their industry knowledge and connections to help your child have a better shot at clinching a role.

5. Other Performing Arts

A variety of other roles in the performing arts fields are also available for kids with a winning combination of talent and wit.

Voice-over assignments, promotional gigs, student film productions, and the like also require the acting chops or the modelling prowess of young professionals.

If your child is someone who can deliver brilliant acting, deliver vivid voice interpretations, or masterfully work the cameras, then secure an agreement with a kids modelling agency that can make their acting or modelling dreams come true.

Road to Fame

You little actor or model can certainly get a shot at their chosen career especially if you join a modelling agency.

Having a respectable modelling agency that will take care of looking for appropriate work for your child will ensure that you only get gigs with the utmost consideration for your child’s welfare.

While there are no sure-fire guarantees that your child will automatically find work, an agency will work their best to put your child’s talents forward. Professionally trained agents will negotiate the fairest terms for you with the client and will also look for the best working environment for your child.

You also need to do some due diligence on your side. As a parent or guardian, you would want to make sure that your child gets a happy modelling or acting experience. They should not be forced to enter this career, as their true feelings will be reflected in how they do their job.

You also have to be realistic. Do not expect that your child will surely get a role in every audition. At the same time, the majority of work is mostly conducted in and around key urban areas. This means that you may need to travel often if you live away from these areas. You may even consider moving interstate just to be closer to the job sources.

The road to fame may not be smooth, and it certainly isn’t for everyone. But if you and your child are serious and dedicated in reaching the peak of success in any of the fields mentioned above, then the trip might just be worth it.


Adam Jacobs is the Managing Director of Bubblegum Casting, the longest running agency specialising in babies, children and teen talent in Australia. Bubblegum Casting works with some of Australia’s biggest brands, media properties and agencies to secure talented children to work in Television, Film and Modelling roles.