A beautiful smile can transform your face and quickly catch the attention of others. A bright and perfect smile always lights up a room or a social gathering. People with a beautiful smile tend to be more successful when it comes to performing in schools, work or even in relationships with others. The sense of warmth that their smile creates attracts and appeals to more people. They also have good self-esteem and confidence.

People who suffer from imperfect smiles tend to be less social and feel embarrassed being in a crowd. The problem could be due to misaligned or crooked teeth, a missing tooth or discolored teeth. Today, there are many ways to fix a dental disorder and get the perfect smile that you’ve always dreamt of. The orthodontists at https://familybraces.ca can help you get the most beautiful smile by getting your teeth fixed by assessing the actual problem and using dental devices like metal braces, Invisalign, clear braces, and hidden braces.

Change your appearance and the shape of your face by wearing braces

The appearance of your face depends on the alignment of your teeth and wearing braces brings about a major difference in the shape of a person’s face and the overall appearance. A small correction done to the smile creates an astounding difference and this can be clearly understood by looking at the photos of a person before having braces and after having it. Though people do wear braces to prevent or correct an issue related to oral health, most them do so to change their facial appearance. Gums and teeth are much easier to clean after wearing braces which in turn prevents issues like gum disease, the decay of teeth, and bad breath which makes a person self-conscious about their smile. Wearing braces helps you attain teeth that are healthy and attractive.

Asymmetry up to a certain degree is common for human faces but for some people, this is particularly visible. The symmetry can be restored wearing braces and the flaw that was visible to people can be removed permanently.

Dental issues corrected using braces

Misaligned or crooked teeth

A person could find smiling or laughing uncomfortable when there is an issue with the alignment of teeth or the teeth is crooked. Wearing braces can help a person deal with the directional problems of teeth and correct the gaps in between. This, in turn, helps them gain a beautiful smile and they become more confident.

Open Bite

In this case, your mouth appears stretched always and depending on the severity this stops your mouth from closing completely. The upper lip projects out which makes this defect quite visible to others. The underlying problem of teeth alignment can be corrected using braces and the defect in facial appearance can be removed. Plenty of skilled dentists can help with this phenomenon should you so wish.

Under Bite

The chin of a person who suffers from under bite projects out and this affects the appearance of a person. An orthodontist can fix this issue using braces.

Over Bite

In this case, the upper lip of a person juts out and this causes your cheek to look sunken. A good number of people suffer from overbite which is a cause of embarrassment to them. This deformity can be corrected using braces which changes the way your teeth and jaw fit with each other.

Different kinds of braces

Braces, which were once considered as a nightmare in a person’s mouth, has changed and developed over the years owing to the adaptive advances in technology. Today braces are available in different shapes, forms and in different degrees of invisibility which makes these devices quite easy to wear. The advancement in technology has also improved the results of wearing braces and you get a straight and perfect smile that you’ve always dreamt of. The different kinds of braces used to correct a teeth defect are

Metal Braces

Using metal braces is the most cost-effective and efficient way of getting your teeth and smile fixed. The metal braces used these days are much smaller, cleaner and high in efficiency. Self-ligating braces are now being used to straighten deformed teeth and this is much quicker in aligning your teeth.

Hidden Braces

Hidden braces are made using a 3D scan of your teeth and the braces are custom fabricated. This fits perfectly to the inside of your teeth and is concealed from the view of others. While the other braces and Invisalign are worn in front of your teeth these braces are attached behind a person’s teeth. This is the best way to straighten your teeth without letting anyone know.

Clear Braces

These braces are made of glass and the ceramic braces are see-through ones. These braces are not as visible as the metal braces. There is nothing to worry about how effective clear braces are in fixing a dental issue as these are also high in efficiency and can be used to straighten your teeth to get the perfect smile.

How long does a person have to wear braces?

On an average, it takes around one to three years to fix a misalignment in a person’s teeth. This might vary from person to person depending on the factors like the gap that needs to be filled, how far the teeth must be moved, the health of that person’s gum and teeth, and the state of the bones that are supporting. Most of all the patient needs to follow the instructions of the dentist clearly to get the desired result quickly.

Removal of braces

On the removal of braces, the teeth of a patient should be perfectly straight. To ensure that your teeth do not go back to its old state you might need to wear a retainer regularly at least for a period of six months.

Keep in mind that a perfect smile does not mean just being beautiful, but it needs to function properly too. A good orthodontist can assess the actual problem that you have and work out a perfect treatment plan accordingly to help you attain that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.