Great food is the most important factor that encourages people to keep returning to a certain restaurant. But to get customers to taste your offerings and entice them to come back over and over again, you need to have a restaurant interior that easily catches their interest first.

An impressive interior, coupled with excellent food and service, will help you gain a loyal crowd.

As such, you need to pay attention to your interior fit-out and design if you want to have a good number of loyal customers all the time.

Designing Your Front of House

Following certain restaurant design principles can help you impress and win the interest of new customers. In addition, these principles will also enable you to sustain the loyalty of your patrons. Below are some of these key design principles:

  • Keep your focus on your customers

When opening or renovating your restaurant, your design should focus on giving your customers the best, most comfortable dining experience. Your interior design should meet the needs and expectations of your patrons.

This usually means having a dining area with comfy chairs, the right amount of tables, sufficient lighting and ventilation, and enough legroom for customers and servers to move around in, and adequate elbow space.

Most restaurant owners make the mistake of cramming several chairs and tables in the dining room in order to accommodate a large number of diners at a time. Of course, space will be compromised this way, along with the comfort of the guests. A packed and uncomfortable dining area is a sure way to drive your customers away.

  • Keep it simple

It can be easy to go overboard when designing your restaurant. But you need to remember that not all diners are impressed by a lot of bells and whistles, no matter how popular they seem at the moment.

A simple, consistent, comfy and functional design is often enough to encourage diners to come back to your restaurant.

To have a clean, non-fussy restaurant design, lean more towards a simple interior design with basic furniture, features and fixtures. Use only the right amount of relevant decoration which will add real value to your center. In addition, make sure you have considered every element of design in your restaurant carefully before having them installed.  

  • Have a design that will withstand the test of time

Aside from having a simple, clean interior design, make sure it will be timeless, rather than being one that emphasizes the latest fad. Aim for a design that still feels fresh after several years. It should be something that customers will appreciate and not feel bored with even if they return to your restaurant over and over again.

Some of the world’s oldest restaurants have interiors that remain unchanged even after several decades. They may have made a few improvements, but most of them retained their original design. Although they’ve been around for several years, they are still open and have a great number of loyal patrons. They are great examples of restaurants that chose a great timeless design that fosters customer loyalty.

  • Add touches of variety to the restaurant furniture and their arrangement

One restaurant design principle that can help you have a loyal patron base is to have something you can offer to every customer. You can apply this to your choice of furniture.

In dining establishments, experts from an interior fit out company say that comfortable furniture is as much about placement and function as it is about the cushioning these offer. Keep in mind that a lot of customers like to find a cozy nook and sit there for a while.

As such, make sure you have seats with a structure, such as a wall, on at least one side.  You can also mix things up in the restaurant by having practical chairs as well as cozy ones. Some customers will go for the more comfortable ones while others will gravitate towards the practical chairs, especially those in a business or formal meeting.

  • Quality over quantity

Another principle you have to keep in mind when investing in new furniture and other fixtures is to always prioritize quality over quantity. If you want your customer to return, invest in comfortable chairs and good quality tables. Not only will your customers be impressed by your furniture, but if they like those and find them comfy and convenient, they will surely return.

High-quality furniture is important to ensure the safety of your guests while they are in your establishment as well. There are different types of accidents in restaurants that could be caused by flimsy, poor quality furniture. If word of such accidents gets out, you will definitely turn off a lot of current and possible customers.

Fantastic food, superb service, and an inviting interior and ambience will never fail in getting you new customers. These three elements will also help you to build a loyal customer base – something that is crucial to the longevity and success of your business.