It’s not a secret! Rhodes island is one of the best Greek islands for many reasons, such as the medieval architecture, the rich history and the elegant Rhodes Town hotels you’ll find there.

Do you think this is all? Well, you’re wrong! Rhodes has so many places to visit and things to do, that will definitely exceed your expectations. Aren’t you convinced yet? Keep reading and we bet you’ll be. We picked our 6 favorite things about Rhodes town and we present them to you!

1. The Streets of Knights

Here’s the interesting thing: the Street of Knights in Rhodes is not your ordinary street.

What’s so special about it?

The Street of Knights is a 600 meters long road that starts from the Knights’ Hospital and ends to the Palace of the Grand Master.

Trivia: The seven inns at the Street of the Knights represent the seven different birthplaces of the Knights Hospitaller that used to rule Rhodes during 14th century.

2. Rhodes Old Town

Wondering what it’s like walking around the Old Town of Rhodes?

It’s like time travelling back in Medieval Ages and living a medieval fairy tale!

Prepare for big stone made buildings, traditional houses and imposing churches creating a magical scenery!

Trivia: Rhodes Old Town is one of the best preserved Medieval settlements in Europe!

3. Rhodes New Town

Rhodes New Town has a whole different vibe than the old Town of Rhodes.

What does this mean?

It is more influenced by Venetians and this is something you can tell from its architecture. The area is full of Neogothic and Venetian buildings, parks and squares with colorful flowers.

Tip: If you want to watch one of the most beautiful sunsets of your life, then visiting the port of Rhodes is a must!

4. The Palace of the Grand Master

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the Medieval ages?

Gorgeous palaces, right?

This is why you just can’t miss visiting the Palace of the Grand Master in Rhodes, before leaving the island.

The Palace of the Grand Master operates as a museum, holding a permanent exhibition on its first floor, but also, there are 24 rooms open to public. The things you’ll find in these rooms will leave you speechless: oriental vases, marbles and mosaics will travel you back in time!

5. The delicious food

Well, this isn’t a surprise, right?

We’re sure you already know that Greek island food is simply delicious!

But, what are the best traditional dishes of Rhodes, worth tasting?

The choice is really hard, but here are some of the best local dishes in Rhodes: “Lakani” (Veal or lamb meat, cooked with tomato sauce), “Takakia” (Pastry filled with nuts, nutmeg, cinnamon and clove), “Chtapodokeftedes” (Octopus balls made of octopus mince), “Giaprakia” (Stuffed vines or cabbage leaves with rice and meat), “Gemista” (Tomatoes and bell peppers, stuffed with rice and minced meat) and “Talagoutes” (Pancakes with walnuts, sesame and honey).

6. The Archaeological Museum of Rhodes

What’s the best way to explore the historical past of Rhodes?

This is an easy one: the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes!

At the exhibition on the first floor of the museum, you’ll see findings from excavations all over Rhodes island and islands of Dodecanese, vases, figurines and several small objects.

Trivia: The Archaeological Museum of Rhodes was created by the Grand Master Jean de Lastic in 1440 and used to be the main Hospital for the Knights of Saint John!

All in all, in Rhodes Town there’s no way you’ll get bored! The places to visit and the things to do are so many and the options are unlimited!

So, what do you think? Will Rhodes island be your next destination?