The aviation sector has seen a lot of changes in the last decade. The appearance of private jet services like JetSmarter, Victor, and JetSuite can be considered an important landmark of this period. These private aviation services have proved that hiring a chartered jet can be really cheap and speedy, that it eliminates the need of flying business class in a commercial jet.

We’ve featured JetSmarter, since it can be considered the leader of the gang, as it’s the largest and the most sophisticated private jet company in the bunch.

The unique business model

Sergey Petrossov established JetSmarter in 2012. Its unique and disruptive business model draws a lot of attention, where the company does not own a single fleet of private jets. JetSmarter employs jets kept on the ground, in the hangars that are being wasted away by aviation companies and individuals who own them.

Sergey Petrossov created a flight-sharing business model for JetSmarter. It managed to attract experienced pilots and wealthy flyers by the bunch. According to Petrossov, charter flyers overspend in normal charter jet and business class bookings that often take a long time to confirm.

How it works

JetSmarter operates by accessing schedules, position and availability of private-jet operators using GPS. The USP of JetSmarter that sheared the aviation sector is its app, available on both iOS and Android systems. The app lets you select the source and destination of your flight and the jet you’d like to use. It displays the itinerary on a simple ebony-colored UI with options to select the flight type.

 Services and membership 

JetSmarter is cheap because it allows flight sharing. There are three services to choose from, Charter Broking, Shared Charter, Shared Shuttles, and Jet Deals. Charter Broking lets you hire a whole jet, which you can order to fly anywhere in JetSmarter’s destination range. You can reduce the tariff by selling some of the seats.

Shared Charter lets you book a seat shared by someone who has booked an entire flight. Sergey Petrossov also found a way to use flights returning from their destinations. Called ‘Empty Legs’, this option on the JetSmarter app allows speedy booking of flight returning to the booked stop.

JetSmarter is backed by famous people like Jay-Z and the Royal Saud family. In a JetSmarter flight, you’re likely to run into a celebrity. The customer base is also happening because a lot of events and parties are featured in their community. However, the company does not cater to a huge set of locations, unlike some of its competitors. With JetSmarter expanding its operations to Asia, South America, and Australia, 2019 will prove to be vital for the company’s growth.