Fibromyalgia syndrome is a disorder that is characterized with fatigue, tender points and muscle aches.

Fibromyalgia is greatly misinterpreted by physicians and as a result, it’s not always given the attention it requires hence being under-diagnosed. The medical community is yet to come up with neither the main cause of the disease nor its remedy.

Nevertheless, this does mean that as a patient with Fibromyalgia, you would want to find either some kind of medication that works or at the very least tips on how to cope with it. Here are some of the surest ways in which the fibromyalgia disorder can be fought:

Key Facts to Always Remember when Fighting Fibromyalgia

Exercise daily

Growth hormones in the body are the one responsible for the flourishing of good muscles and   tender tissues health through regular and daily exercise. This helps one to have a good and deep sleep.

That way, nightmares that are usually brought about by lack of sleep would never be experienced. However because of the pain that the sufferers of fibromyalgia undergo, they normally respond to it by avoiding movements and general exercise. This is a mistake!

Exercise is therefore a key component of fighting the symptoms of fibromyalgia as it:

  • Reduces stress
  • Accelerates blood circulation
  • Regulates bowel movement

The reduction or elimination of physical activity in your daily routine would possibly accelerate the pains and stiffness in the tissues, hence increasing your chances of injury.

Always Consult your Physician

Before embarking on the exercise plan, it’s highly advisable to talk to your doctor to know what fitness is the best for you. The doctor only helps to mobilize and initiate an exercise schedule and plan that will be prudent for your condition.

Understand Your Own Body Fitness

This calls for having a well-calculated working exercise timetable. One should slowly incorporate the exercise into their lives as their bodies adapt to step by step exercise done. Too much of one time vigorous activity will only aggravate your muscles and injure your sensitive joints. The main motive is not to exhaust your body through exertion but to put it into an active custom mode and life.

Stretch Out

Gently stretch your muscles as this will make your tender muscles healthy to eradicate stiffness to the ligaments.  Stretching is recommended at the end of every exercise as it relieves the contracted muscles.

Cherish Your Exercise

Exercise should be joyous and more so enjoyable but rather it should not appear as if it is a punishment.  Cycling, walking, swimming and aiming to do exercise for not less than half an hour will serve youth the best.

Set Achievable Goals

The aim of fibromyalgia exercise is not to overwork your body but just to work within your limits.  You should be disciplined enough to respect the voice of your body and be sure not to accelerate your condition further in the name of exercise.

Sleep Well

Many fibromyalgia victims are reported to have sleepless nights due to fatigue. Therefore sleeping should be made the first priority; fibromyalgia is characterized with disrupting sleep patterns for its sufferers hence making them wake up the next day being exhausted than they were when they went to bed last night.

This is, therefore, a clear confirmatory test that a good sleep is a good policy to be obeyed when dealing with the symptoms of fibromyalgia. This can be properly achieved by having a well-planned exercise schedule. You create and strictly follow a certain pattern when you decide to sleep at a specific time of the night you also set a time to wake and be sure not to break the pattern. Having a schedule propagates one to fall asleep easily and sleeps deeply thereafter.

Beware of Distractors

Understand your environs 100% good. If you have a snoring partner, a barking dog in the neighborhoods make sure you apply good measures to avoid such disturbances. You can seek  the aid of ear protectors’ so that you are able to have a good sleep. Other distractors like bright light should also be regulated just to give you room for a fabulous sleep.

Avoid Caffeine

Chocolate and, coffee are the kind of beverages that drive sleep away. Therefore take caution not to take any caffeinated beverage drink at least for hours prior to sleeping time.

Try as much as you can to Live a Stress Free Life

Stress is very dreadful as it does not only affect the body emotionally but also physically. It easily disrupts good sleep patterns, revokes aching joints, provokes gut system. If you are suffering from fibromyalgia, your body system is under enough stress that you should try hard to avoid subjecting it to any further stress.

Make a decision of offloading the burden of stress from the back of your body to give it room for quick recovery.  Activities like taking a deep breath, meditation and yoga are very good in reducing stress and cooling down your body from the jaws of stress.

Formulate and Stick to Sound Principles

You must learn to say no when you mean no and vice versa. Many people subject themselves to extra duties without noticing that they are overworking their bodies simply because they are too lenient for their folks to understand them. As a way of controlling fibromyalgia, the victims must avoid anything that will torture their bodies and put them to too much fatigue. Just learn to say no to some duties or offers like going for an outing for the purpose of your body healing.

Use Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) to heal anxiety depression

Cognitive Behavioral Therapists believe that the way we think and reason largely impacts to our feelings. CBT is good for people with fibromyalgia victims because it concentrates on determining the body triggers and denies brains the chance to adhere to the negative perception caused by those triggers.

There are also dietary supplements that can be applied to offset the problems of fibromyalgia. However this should happen under the advice of your physician.