This article is aimed at those who are considering or planning a vacation to Barcelona in Spain. The article thus describes sights in Barcelona as well as gives you useful practical information about the trip, including cheap hotels in Barcelona as well as airline tickets to Barcelona.


Barcelona is a popular holiday resort, and many people spend a holiday in Barcelona every year. Located in Catalonia in northeastern Spain all the way to the Mediterranean, Barcelona is Spain’s second largest city after Madrid. The city has 1.6 million inhabitants ex. suburbs. Among other things, the city is known for its architecture, which is strongly influenced by world-renowned architect Antoni Gaudí. Architecturally, the city has unique historical features, but is also very modern and well maintained.

Barcelona is rich in culture, both in terms of history, but also because it is an active city where, for example, cycling and skateboarding are very popular. In addition, the city is home to the world-famous football team FC Barcelona, ​​and in 1992, Barcelona was at the Olympic Games. Fashion is also a prominent feature, and it is said that the city is one of the world’s most important fashion towns.

Barcelona also has a lot of activity at its ports in terms of both cruise ships and container transportation, so there is a lot of activity in terms of tourism as well as economy. In relation to currency, Spain is used in Euro (EUR).

Flights to Barcelona

The easiest and fastest way to get on holiday in Barcelona is with a plane ticket in hand, as there are good connections from pretty much anywhere in the world. An overview of the best options can be found in the table below. Please note that availability may differ depending on season.

Hotel in Barcelona

Tourists typically have a desire to live in the heart of the city they visit. This is certainly true when you are going on a holiday in Barcelona. Barcelona, ​​like all other big cities, has a large selection of hotels in and around the city center in several price ranges. Generally, the longer a hotel is from the center, the lower the price. Thus, it may often be a good idea to find a hotel a bit outside the center as there can be a lot of money to save.

Below are suggestions for hotels in Barcelona for different target groups. Please note that prices depend, among other things, on season, day of week and availability, why the prices quoted are estimates.

Transport on holiday in Barcelona

Barcelona has very good public transport that can be used to reach most of the city’s cities. By exploring the possibilities in advance, you get more of your trip to Barcelona. Public transport, taxi, car hire, etc. are described in the following sections.

From the airport to the city center

The nearest airport is Barcelona El Prat Airport which is 12 km southwest of the city center and is the one that most people will travel to. From the airport there are very good transport options to the city center.

There is of course also a possibility to take a taxi from the airport, which is a more expensive affair that amounts to about € 25

However, there are other possibilities in the form of other bus and train connections. These connections are often cheaper, but may mean longer transport times and / or fewer frequencies. I, the undersigned, strongly recommend using the so-called “aerobus” and thus get an easy and good start to your Barcelona holiday.