The company GHD is probably best known for their ceramic straighteners, which have really revolutionized the iron hair straigthener market.

This market is apparently not big enough for GHD, which has now also resorted to producing hair dryers. GHD Air is thus the first hair dryer from GHD, launched just 10 years after GHD launched their first straightener.

GHD Air comes with a number of advanced features, including Ion technology that should reduce the risk of curly hair. The manufacturer therefore promises that you with GHD Air will get a product that can measure with those you find at the hairdresser.

We have looked at GHD Air, and tests whether the product is what it promises, or if it’s just hot air.

My experience with GHD Air

Unfortunately, I do not like to be an expert in the field, but I have owned some hair dryers over time. They have all been relatively cheap, and this usually causes some disadvantages such as limited service life, noisy engines and slow drying of the hair. Of course you can also be lucky with the cheaper hair dryers, but it’s a bit like winning in the lottery. However, I have never been completely satisfied with the cheap hair dryers I have had, so I decided to invest in a GHD Air.

GHD has gradually gained the reputation of producing some of the best hair care products, so it was with excitement I received my new GHD Air. I already own a GHD straightener, and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it really is compared to the other straighteners on the market, and I think it’s worth the money. But is it also the case with GHD Air?

So far, I have used my GHD Air for approx. 2 weeks, and here are my experiences with the product so far.

Powerful engine

GHD Air has a full 2100w engine. This is a lot more than most competing hair dryers, and it can really be felt in the daily. After I’ve got my GHD Air, it takes a significantly shorter time to dry my hair and I can not imagine going back to my old hair dryer. The powerful engine is really hot if you, like most, have a bit busy in the morning.

Low sound level

In spite of the very powerful engine in GHD Air, this GHD hair dryer has the lowest sound level I’ve ever experienced on a hair dryer. When I turned it on for the first time, I simply did not think it was set to the highest performance, but it was. Although the sound level does not matter to me, it’s nice not to wake up the whole house in the morning.

Beautiful design

Of course, it’s not because you stand and admire your hair dryer every time you use it, yet most of us appreciate great products, and especially if you buy a slightly more expensive product, the look also means something. Most hair dryers look like each other, but I still think GHD Air stands out from the crowd, with its more modern look.

GHD Air generally feels like a very high quality product, and you can not doubt that this hair dryer will last for many years to come. Everything from the packaging to the product itself exudes quality. The wrapping is of course not the most important thing, but when you spend over 1000 kr on a hair dryer, it’s nice to feel that you get a product that exudes quality. And that makes GHD Air a great deal!


Overall, I think GHD Air is a really good product that radiates quality all the way, from the packaging to the product itself.

For me, however, it was not the same revolutionary experience as when I bought my GHD straightener. However, there are still more things at GHD Air that I really appreciate in everyday life, such as the powerful engine that significantly reduces the drying time. Alone, I think, justifies the higher price than competing products.

I have no doubt that GHD Air is a solid product that will last for many years. If you appreciate quality and are willing to pay for it, I can definitely recommend you to look at GHD Air.