Munich is a very famous city in Germany. It is the capital of the province of Bavaria and is in fact, the commercial hub of Germany. Munich has a long and rich history and a culture of its own. Being Bavaria’s capital, it is by default the province’s largest and most popular city, and happens to be the third largest city in Germany in terms of population, after Berlin and Hamburg. Munich also happens to be a very popular visiting site for tourists. Its parks, sporting prowess, unique culture, and architecture. However, there are three places you need to visit as a tourist for entertainment and architecture. It is an enthralling experience for anyone who visits them. These must see places in Munich are the Allianz Arena, the BMW Welt, and Riem Arcaden.

Here’s what you need to know about them and just what makes them so special:

Allianz Arena

The Allianz Arena is a football stadium located in Munich, Bavaria. It is home to Bayern Munich, the biggest local team. Furthermore, it has quite a unique feature in the fact that its exterior changes color. The curators of the stadium can display any message on the exterior wall as they please. A football match in the Allianz Arena is quite the experience because it has a packed home stadium chanting and singing all at once. Your eardrums are bound to hurt whenever you attend a Bayern Munich match.

BMW Welt

The BMW Welt is located right next to the BMW headquarters. It is an exhibition centre where companies often gather and customers take BMW deliveries. The BMW Welt has quite the unique and modernistic architecture, and proves to be quite an experience for those who visit without needing to go to a convention. The conventions are mostly related to cars, so every single car enthusiast needs to visit the BMW Welt for a great experience.

Riem Arcaden

The Riem Arcaden is the third biggest shopping mall in the city of Munich. It has quite the unique architecture since it is basically two different buildings that are joined via a corridor. Besides the fantastic architecture, the Riem Arcaden is a fantastic place to buy anything you would want. Souvenirs are easy to find, and there is a huge variety of gifts you can buy, including those that represent the German culture itself.

These three places are must see entertainment centres that you need to visit while you are in Munich. However, to visit these three, you must have a hotel to stay at. The best hotels for visitors are preferably close to the airport itself. Moxy hotel is a budget hotel near the airport. Moxy is designed to meet all of a visitor’s needs and help them in any way possible. So check in to Moxy whenever you visit Munich.