Smart headphones for smart people – so you choose.

In line with increasing popularity, the range of headphones today is almost overwhelming and it may therefore be a challenge to choose which ones to buy. This article aims to describe the most important things to consider before buying new headphones (also referred to as headphones).

The first thing you should consider is what kind of headphone is best for you, which depends on what you want to use them for. The two most popular types of headphones are described below along with their respective pros and cons.

In-Ear headphones

The so-called in-ear headphones are, as the name suggests, in the ear canal. This has several advantages; First and foremost, the headphones are more firm and are therefore less likely to fall out. Because they expand to fill the entire ear canal, they also close many other sounds.

This can be an advantage in many cases, for example, if you are in a noisy environment. Note, however, that this may cause risks in traffic environments, etc., where it is advantageous to be able to hear about it. In addition, they are also small and thus have very low weight, which together makes them extremely practical.

This type of headphone has become extremely popular and comes with many new smartphones. Although it may sound uncomfortable to have such headphones in the ears, it is actually quite enjoyable after a short period of rejuvenation.

But when should you choose the in-ear headphones? If it is important that they do not fall out of the ear, the in-ear type is the right choice. In physical exercise such as running and fitness, this may be an advantage. At the same time they are also beneficial in noisy environments or if you just want to block the surrounding sounds. The headphones are the smallest ones, which makes them very practical to carry on the move.

Over ear headphones

Another type of headphone is called “over ear”. These are significantly larger than the in-ear headphones, and are distinguished by sitting on their heads rather than stuck in their ears. This type of earphones is more classic in the sense that it is only in recent years that the in-ear models have become popular. Many, however, believe that the larger ear earphones provide better sound quality.

Because of their size and partly weight, ear earphones are less practical, but for those who do not want to compromise on sound quality, this type of headphone should be said to be the best choice. Having said that, it is clear that they are less suitable for physical activity such as sports, as they are easier to fall off.