Spending your summer holidays at one of the traditional Paros hotels without visiting nearby Antiparos island?

Don’t let this be you!

Antiparos is an island of great natural beauty and many interesting places to visit.

But don’t take our word for it, keep reading to find out why Antiparos island can’t be missing from your bucket list!

The amazing Antiparos beaches

When it comes to beaches, Antiparos will be one of the best destinations you’ll ever be to.

Why is that?

The natural landscape, the calming atmosphere and the shallow waters are some things Antiparos’ beaches have in common. Nevertheless, there are some beaches that stand out, for different reasons each.

So, let’s take a close look to the best Antiparos beaches!

Psaraliki beach, Antiparos: This beach is actually divided in two beaches: Psaraliki I beach and Psaraliki II beach. These two beaches are the perfect choice for families with small kids, as they have shallow waters. What’s more, at Psaraliki beach you’ll find many taverns and beach clubs, as well as windsurfing, pedal boats, beach tennis and snorkeling.

Glifa beach, Antiparos: At Glifa beach you’ll find crystal clear waters, golden sand and the shade of many trees. Its tranquility and its natural surrounding make it the best choice for a relaxing day of swimming and laying under the sun.

Agios Spiridonas beach, Antiparos: This beach is your perfect option for a swim close to Chora, as it is just 200 meters away from the latter. What’s more, at the area of Agios Spiridonas beach you’ll find local taverns, where you can taste fresh fish and traditional Greek food.

Windsurfing and Scuba diving

Are you a windsurfing or scuba diving lover or not?

It doesn’t really matter, because Antiparos’ landscape will make you want to try one or both of them.

When it comes to windsurfing, Psaraliki I is a go-to destination. And the best part is, except from windsurfing, you can even try S.U.P ride or S.U.P yoga sessions. Little does it matter if you are a beginner or an experienced rider, in Psaraliki beach you’ll find watersports for every level.

As for scuba diving, there is no better way to explore the ocean of Antiparos, than diving under the surface of the sea. And you bet there is a lot to be explored: shipwrecks, reefs and uninhabited islets are just some of the underwater treasures you’ll discover at the bottom of Antiparos’ sea.

Wondering what the best diving spots are?

Go to the Baraccuda Point, the Bubble Reef, the cave of Panderonisi islet, and the Canyons and you won’t regret it!

Despotiko island, next to Antiparos

Imagine what it would be like relaxing at an exotic beach with turquoise waters, leaving behind the noisy crowds and your hectic everyday routine.

Sounds good, right?

Well, this is exactly what you’re going to do at Despotiko island.

Despotiko island has a rich history, as excavations revealed the remainings of the temple of Apollo, carved graves and marble vessels.

But that’s not all!

The beaches of Despotiko island are those that will steal your heart. The amazing isolated beaches and coves with emerald waters are the best choice for those who want to spend a relaxing day by the beach, without distractions.

You’re already craving beach holidays in Antiparos, don’t you?

Don’t worry. There is a solution.

Put Antiparos in your bucket list and don’t miss to visit it during your next holidays in Paros!