With a rich and deep history that spans century upon century, and with ancient kings and gods of war closely entwined in their culture, the Danish people are among the world’s happiest people. And who can blame them, when looking at their spectacularly idyllic nature scenes, and sense of humor?

Here are some of the best places to visit in Denmark, focusing more on the cultural attractions and ones for the entire family. So whether you already know where to stay, or whether you’re looking for vacation homes in Denmark, here’s a list of some amazing attractions!

Frederiksborg Slot

Located in the northern part of Zealand, and commissioned by Christian 4. one of the great Danish Kings, the castle stands as majestic and fantastic as it did back in the 1600’s when it was erected. For almost 150 years, it has also been the home of the Danish Museum of Natural History, making it an ideal place for any tourist to visit. Not only is it possible to bask in the glory of the royalty, with the amazing ball rooms and art decorating every wall, but it also offers a great deal of history and culture at the same time. And the park surrounding the castle is as inviting and elegant as the castle itself. For an enjoyable day in the sun, Frederiksborg Slot is sure to be a success with the entire family.

Hvide Sande

On the west coast of Jutland lies the rough and dangerous North Sea untamed and wild. On a clear day you can almost see all the way to the British Isles, and surfers and dog owners are a common sight near the endless miles of public beach and coast. There’s excellent fishing opportunities as well, and in the summer you’ll be lucky to find a good spot for your sunbathing unless you get there early, as it’s extremely popular for beach goers.


The capital city of Denmark has plenty to offer the tourist, and can even surprise most people with the amount of nature experiences in the center of the city. The food and art scene is something else here, and comparable to that of the other great cities of Denmark, such as Aarhus, Aalborg, Randers and Odense, to just mention a few of the other popular cities.


Not many people visiting Denmark bother visiting Møn, but it is their loss. On this small island just off the coast of Zealand you can find some of the most pristine and lovely nature scenes, and the people are wonderfully open and warm as well. There are plenty of great accommodation choices available here as well, and the prices are spectacular!


One of the largest and longest rivers in Denmark, Gudenåen spans more than 150 kilometers, through steep hills and flat valleys, and has been the source of life for many inhabitants of Jutland throughout time. Rent a small boat and enjoy the day with a homemade lunch on the water, or take a guided tour and learn all about the local customs and their ways.