Who says concrete is just for sidewalks, streets, and driveways? With their stylish and durable properties, concrete flooring systems can also the best surface choice for your home.

If you’re still having second thoughts about choosing concrete as your flooring option, here are six great reasons why you shouldn’t:

1. Concrete is low maintenance

The properties that make a concrete floor durable are also the reasons why it’s easy to care for. When a concrete floor is properly sealed, it can shrug off grit, dirt, spills, stains, and hard impacts.

Depending on the level of traffic in your home, concrete floors only need waxing or sealing every 3-9 months to keep the protective layer over its surface. Other than that, a little damp mopping and sweeping from cleaning service professionals is enough to keep concrete looking like new. For stubborn stains on concrete, a blue utility pad will do the trick.

2. It’s durable

Properly maintained and sealed concrete flooring can last a long time. Even in commercial areas, it can withstand high traffic conditions and heavy equipment such as trucks, cars, forklifts, etc. This eventually saves you tons of money and also keeps you away from the hassle of getting new flooring installed regularly.

The durability of concrete also means that its properties are difficult to damage. Furniture legs, heels, and dropped items are less likely to scratch your concrete surface. While it’s possible to scratch or chip a concrete surface, you will have to try hard to succeed.

3. It’s pet-friendly

Do you have a lot of pets that are fond of making a mess inside your home? If you need a pet-proof floor, concrete is the gold standard. This is because it can withstand spilt water, scratches from claws, and pet mess. Plus, it doesn’t absorb odors.

To make a concrete surface more comfortable for your pets, you can add mats or pet beds.

4. It comes with beautiful design options

Today’s modern techniques for concrete finishing have made concrete floors more luxurious. Dyes add a huge range of earthy colors to concrete, while surface treatments turn plain, boring concrete into unique finishes. With the right coloring agents or dyes, you can have a finished concrete floor that mimics expensive natural stone, bricks, and ceramic tiles.

During the installation, the concrete’s texture may also be made smoother. On the other hand, there are decorative textural patterns you could have carved into the concrete while it’s still setting. Moreover, you have the option of polishing concrete material to create that faux tile effect.

Concrete floors have two general types:

  • Decorative Overlay – You can install concrete over your existing hard-surface floor to cover up damage or add a fresh new look.
  • Existing Concrete – You can enhance the concrete slab that you have at home with decorative treatments like polishes or stains.

5. It’s versatile

The great thing about concrete is that as long as it’s smooth and free from bumps, holes, and defects, you can install any floor surface covering over it. Going forward, this will give you a lot of freedom for your design. Do keep in mind that an underlayment may be required between the concrete and the material you intend to cover.

6. It’s eco-friendly

Finally, in most cases, a concrete sub-floor already exists under another flooring material. This means that when you install a concrete floor, you will only remove anything placed over it. And since there’s no new material produced in this process, there’s no depletion of resources nor carbon footprint.

Other eco-friendly benefits of concrete flooring include:

  • Compared to other floor types, it requires less energy to produce
  • It is good for indoor air quality as it inhibits mildew, mold, and odors
  • It contains no harmful Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs and may be finished without the use of VOC sealers
  • It absorbs cool and warm air which minimizes the need for cooling and heating
  • It can be recycled so there’s no need to discard waste such as the scraps of underlayment and flooring
  • You can have the option of heated floors by embedding hot water tubes or electrical cables in the concrete to make it warm

With the many benefits that come with using concrete, it’s obvious why it has been widely used as a construction material. Make concrete your flooring option to take advantage of the six benefits mentioned above and achieve the look and function you desire for your home.