The pasta is one of the meals that make you salivate just at the mention of its name. Nothing can rival the satisfaction that a plate of fresh pasta can offer you. As easy a dish it is to prepare, there are common mistakes that are made during the cooking that jeopardize the real experience that pasta has to offer.

Preparing your pasta like an Italian Restaurant can be very rewarding, but in order to get there you need to avoid these common mistakes when cooking your pasta.

  1. Using a Small Pot

This is the first common mistake many people make when preparing pasta is using a small pot, which compels them to break up the pasta to fit into the pot. Get a bigger pot to avoid breaking the pasta and also make sure it does not become sticky by adding about 5-6 quarts of water to the bigger pot.

  1. You Follow Directions without Double Checking

Another mistake is to follow the cooking directions on the back of the pasta. Follow your instincts and your experience to achieve the best results.  Most times, the directions recommend 10 minutes of cooking time, and is a lot of cases the pasta will still be undercooked, which will affect your experience with the pasta. Monitor your pasta during cooking every step for a pleasant experience.

  1. You Do Not Add Salt

It is advised that you should boil the pasta in salted water. Omitting salt in the preparation of your pasta will make your pasta slimy. If you are not sure about the right amount of salt to add, a small palm-full of salt should be okay for a 7-8 quart pot.

  1. You Add Excess Fat

Pasta is better served in its freshness with brightly colored vegetables. Adding creamy Alfredo sauce or some fat will make your pasta doused and lose its naturally – delicious starchy flavor.  Avoid adding any oil to your pasta so it will not be slippery.

  1. You Do Not Stir

It is a common mistake to leave your pasta boiling waiting for it to get cooked without stirring. This will make the pasta gummy and stick together. Ensure to stir your pasta to make every piece cook evenly.

  1. You Rinse the Pasta

It is wrong to rinse your pasta after it is cooked. All that is required is to drain it and add your sauce. There is no need to complicate things.