In today’s society, we see so much stress and burnout occurring. We go, go, go, and we grind ourselves to the phone, the computer, and the email while running here and going there. Eventually, we stress out and burn out, and we end up at such a bottomed out place that it’s hard for us to move back to feeling happy and good about our lives. We can easily get stuck into the low vibe emotions of depression and anxiety, shame, and fear. It is easy for this can happen but it can be easy to get out of this place through the practice of meditation.

Having like heart palpitations, feeling chronic anxiety around your heart and having a hard time concentrating, are three big signs that you’re heading for burnout. Stress is one of the most common causes of doctor visits and sickness nowadays. Depending on how stressful your life is and how many different stressors you have day to day, will determine how much meditation you’ll need to combat it with. The sooner you start managing your stress with meditation the easier it will be.

Meditation is really wonderful to do right before you feel like you’re going to get burnt out. Meditation works best as a preventative measure, and you also don’t want to have anything to do after this meditation. You want to be able to relax a little bit, and you certainly don’t want to be running into anything right after.

To start, make sure that you’re in a comfortable position. Maybe sit on a blanket or a pillow, and then your hands are going to come up at your heart center with the backs of your hands touching. Drop your shoulders down and back and then pass all of your fingers together and then the tops of your hands are just lightly touching. Let your focus be on the fingertips. Each finger is pressing against the other finger and your elbows. Be as relaxed as possible. Take six slow deep breaths in through your nose, and you pull your navel point in, and then exhale through your nose.

Work up to doing eight counts equally in and out. The most important thing is that if the same amount of breath in either is out. Gaze at your third eye point, which is right in between your eyebrows, with your eyes closed, just turn your gaze inside.

You can choose to do the meditation for 11 minutes. If you’d been doing it for 11 minutes, you can get up it to 22 minutes and then 31 minutes. The length of time is really something to be consistent and lengthening the time can make a huge difference.

Pay attention and notice the energetic, the physical, the mental shifts that will occur with this very proven method of releasing negative thoughts, releasing unhealthy worry and stress. For a more powerful way to reduce your negative thinking patterns, you can use and wear some Buddhist mala beads while practicing this meditation.

Meditation is a great practice to do to reduce stress and burnout. If possible commit to at least 11 minutes for 40 days, especially if you’ve been experiencing a cycle of stress and burnout and really want to break free of that.