Indian menu comprises varied cuisines from India and its neighboring areas. It is an aromatic blend of different spices, vegetables, herbs, and fruits to prepare unique yet savory dishes. Indian restaurants are (mainly) family owned or first-generation developments. When you’re new to this authentic cuisine, it is crucial to know how and what kind of food to order.

Here is your help guide on what to buy or order in an Indian restaurant:

 Know Your Taste

Indian food is a mix of several spices and sauces. It reflects the influence of several nations around such China, Persia, England, and Portugal. Even the Indian cultural blend and religions affect the food choices and taste to an amazing extent.

  • Start with Appetizers:

Talking about the Indian appetizers, these are mostly deep-fried pakoras, soups, and veggie salads. It is served with yogurt, chutney, to balance the spicy flavor.  The most popular appetizer is the samosa, a fried dish with mixed vegetables and spices.

  • Don’t forget to order a Drink:

Indian drinks are always recommended to complement the spicy Indian cuisines. Lassi, a sweet yogurt packed shake is hot-favorite among the Indian masses.  Apart from it, lime juice and panakam drink are also loved by food lovers.

  • Time For Main Course:

There are a number of Indian restaurants in Bangkok which offer an all-vegan meal for people who dislike meat.  There’re chefs who convert meat dishes with a delicious vegetable alternative to match the customer’s taste. In the main course, curry constitutes an important part. It could be prepared in pulses, vegetables soaked or marinated in yogurt.

  • Sweet Desserts:

Indians have an ardent sweet temptation. They love sugar and milk-based desserts. The restaurants offer an array of puddings and ice creams with different fruits such as banana, pomegranates, mangoes and many more. Kheer is an essential Indian pudding which every Indian loves to savor at every occasion or celebration.

How to make the food choices?

People who’re fond of spicy dishes must visit Indian restaurants as they offer every level of spiciness, from mild to really hot. But don’t go for the spicier dishes if you’re new to the wagon. Stick to mild spices and enjoy every bite of the authentic Indian cuisines.

A high-gravy dish is another critical part of atypical Indian meal. The gravy is said to enhance the taste of the dishes. And alongside, you can order a chapati, paratha or naan as per your preferences.

You can seek an assistance from the staff around that is friendly and always up to explains what the names of the dishes mean and suggest the finest combinations to match your palate. It ensures that you get the right set of meal you desired.


The Indian food, spices, flavors and creamy sauces are becoming popular all across the globe. Those you love animals and environment, an Indian vegetarian restaurant is all they need to go. It is a good, delicious and healthy substitute for meat.

So what are you waiting for? Get…Set… EAT!!