We live in a world that’s busy, hectic, and even stressful on most days. We’ve jobs, business, personal lives, and in-between maybe sometime for our own selves.

With each passing year, it’s getting harder and harder to take care of ourselves. Because, we’re too busy taking care of everything else.

But the old saying about putting your own oxygen mask before going to help the other person is true. If you’re not paying attention to your body now, chances are that’ll you pay dearly in the later years of your life.

Even if we forget about the later years, not treating your body well eventually catches up with you in terms of unproductivity, lethargy, sickness, and other such things. So, in fact, it’s more important than ever to take good care of your body, because we subject it to so much of stress in terms of terrible posture, bad eating habits, too much stress, little exercise, and what not.

So, below we’re listing 8 signs that scream loud & clear that it’s time to get that massage you’ve been putting since a long time.

  1. An ‘Off-Posture’

You’ve noticed that your posture have been off. Whether it is terms of raised shoulders or a hunched back, you’re noticing that without even you realising, your body has started to show signs of bad posture. That’s usually because your back and shoulder muscles are tensed, and it’d serve you well to go for a massage as a relief. What a massage will do along with relieving tension is that it’ll help you to set you back to a natural posture by supporting the spine well and relaxing the muscles around it.

  1. Are you working from a desk?

Most of us, because of the indispensable role of laptops, work from a desk. You’ve no idea what kind of stress it’s putting on your spine, back, and shoulders. So, that back ache you get along with a headache or the shoulder pull is not a random thing. It’s a sign from your body to say that it’s not really in a good shape. What will help you in these situations is regular massaging of the areas that are prone to harm when you work at a desk-job.

  1. Do you get frequent headaches?

While headaches can be caused by multiple reasons including hormonal imbalance and nutrition-related problems, one of the reasons for headache is also tension that’s growing in the shoulder, back, or head region. If you’re being plagued by frequent headache, it might be a good idea to visit a massage therapist who has an in-depth training and knowledge about how different pressure points work. A relaxing full-body massage is exactly what you might be looking for. Give it a shot.

  1. Frequent Body Pain in Different Parts

If you get a sharp shooting pain in your back or shoulder from time-to-time, it’d be unwise to just ignore it. It might be a sign of a larger looming problem that might get resolved through a proper massage therapy. If you suffer from muscle pain, KnowKnotsMassage.com is a great resource to help you find the relief you need. Even you can’t even move your neck sideways without it sending a pain wave to your brains, then it’s quite obvious. So, stop thinking and go!

  1. You’re Stressed Out

From a long time now, you feel a stress gnawing at you. Although what is ‘stress’ for you will be defined by you, all we know is that a massage might just be thing for you to be able to ease out and think clearly again. No matter the area — whether it’s work, health, family, or anything else — massage can be the reliever you need to just de-stress and get back into the game with full swing!

  1. Reduce Flexibility

Flexibility in the body is a function of your muscles working in a way that’s tension free. However, if you notice that you’ve had reduced flexibility for a while, then a massage might be a good option for you to sharper your flexibility. A full body massage often relieves even the most tensed spots in your body, and when you come out of it — you feel a heightened sense of functioning in all your muscles.

  1. You’ve never taken a Massage

Wait. What? Do you have any idea what kind of experience you’re missing out on? Apart from the obvious benefit to your body, you also feel a sense of rejuvenation passing throughout your body, and we’d not put a price on that feeling. Really. In fact, we know so many people who carry decades worth of tension in their muscles, and when they do come for massage therapy — they’re just awed at how well it can work for them. And they’ve no idea why they missed on this experience since so long. So, don’t be one of these people. Go book a massage now!

  1. You Want to Sleep Better

Most people underestimate the importance of sleep, and that’s sad. A deprived or defected sleep-pattern can have larger consequences on every area of your life including work, personal lives, health, and anything else you can imagine. Since a massage helps the body to relax and relieves the tension building in any part of the body, it invariably also promotes a healthy and restful sleep cycle. You should try it once. We promise you’ll sleep like a baby that night.


Getting a massage is not merely about relaxation. It’s about the underlying message of treating your body well and with the respect it deserves. We’ve heard countless real stories of how after they infused massaging as a regular thing in their lives — it changed for good in a drastic way. Just because your body can take it doesn’t mean that you treat it badly. Don’t think too much. Find a good massage parlour, book yourself one of those long full-body massages, feel the rejuvenation, and we know that you’ll thank us later.