Accessories complement our attire and overall look of the day. Fashionistas give a lot of importance to accessories. In fact, I have seen quite a few times that even the most unadorned top could be turned into a luxury dress with the right accessories.

But then there are women like me who live on the other side of the world, without merely knowing the basis of an accessory. I have always worn most uncomplicated clothes with least accessories without any hesitation. A girl without earrings, nose-rings, neckpiece, headbands, bracelets, etc., yeah that’s me! And many like me out there.

So, what exactly do these accessories have in them? A lot of clothes demand to wear a simple necklace around the neck or a fragile pair of earrings to make it look beautiful. At times, a scarf beautifies a simple overhead t-shirt or an ankle to sharpen your slender legs. But, some of us tend to ignore them possibly because they are the side-clothes or the less important part of clothes. However, ladies these little cuties might help you turn heads and make your guy sweat!

Before you conclude, here are seven signs you should invest in accessories.

You repeat the same neck piece.

I did that a lot! Wearing the same old neck piece on every other gown yet being satisfied? Be reasonable with yourself girls. Get a few more that go well with your dresses, before your date notices and buys you one out of pity! That feminine neckline needs to be shown off. Get rid of that antique you wore for ages until its shine corroded. A simple three-layered necklace on a thick neck top or a choker to outline your collarbone, all these things are materialistic yet imply a lot to enhance your looks.

You wear nothing to complement your clothes.

Majority of girls prefer walking into the college bare hands with a shoulder bag hung over. Barely wearing any makeup, tugging hair into a messy bun and hiding the face behind huge glasses, that’s how we go. We spend so much on our clothes yet accept looking basic in the crowd. Instead, purchase tiny things to complement your dress or tops. Add patchwork to your barren denim jacket! Carry a small clutch that looks good with your evening gown. Pair your weekend clothes with shimmery scarves. Pairing right accessory can upgrade a cheap top, too. That’s the power it holds!

You have limited collection.

As I said, you consider accessories less valuable. They might not even hold a quarter section of your wardrobe. You might not also have an extra pair because you barely use them. You don’t necessarily have to own everything in the market but at least a few essential accessories in your collection. Also why not try Deal Voucherz to get best discount codes.

Your perfume is outdated.

You have an age-old brand of perfume you’ve been using for years now. A body mist or perfume is a signature fragrance that reminds people of you. But, that doesn’t imply that you need to use the same perfume everywhere. You can own a handful more and use them on various occasions unless you are allergic. A good taste of fragrance is essential. Don’t go on choosing a strong smell for a less crowded silent event; you don’t want too many prying eyes on you! Owning a few more mists makes it easier to blend a mixture of two or three for an event and flaunt the exclusive fragrance. So you can righteously say, ‘ that’s my invention.’

You have only one lipstick in store.

If you are devoid of an accessory wardrobe, you have only one lipstick in store for the sole purpose of colouring your lips. It’s hard to explain how only a single colour could go with the tone varied clothing wardrobe? The ratio of coloured clothes to the ratio of an individual lipstick is unbalanced. You should at least have one nude, one red and a light shade of lipstick. You can’t walk around with a lip balm to every event.

Your statement jewellery is your regular jewellery

Statement jewellery is like your statement fragrance. It determines your identity, personality, attitude and appearance. A piece of jewellery that we wear on special occasions. But then, you invest zero in jewellery. So naturally, your regular jewellery is the one you flaunt everywhere, and every other person is known to it.

You leave your hair open for all events

Lastly, you invest very less time in doing your hair. You own only a few hair ties and barely try experimenting with new styles. If you are comfortable leaving your hair open for all events, that’s either because you have straight effortless hair or because you are too lazy to accessorize your hair with head-wraps, hairpins, bows, etc.