The introduction of electric vehicles into the market has brought several benefits to automobile lovers. Compared to conventional gas-driven cars, electric cars are believed to offer greater benefits to owners, community, and nature.

  1. Lower Cost of Running

The cost of running electric cars is a lot lower than the cost of running a similar gas-driven car. Electric cars use electricity to charge the battery pack, which saves on the cost of buying petrol for the same gas operated vehicle. Several online calculators are available to see the amount of money that can be saved on buying fuel.

  1. Lower Maintenance Cost

Electric cars have less moving parts than the conventional vehicles. As a result, there is little servicing required as there are no costly starter motors, exhaust systems, fuel injection systems, radiators and other parts that are not necessary for electric cars.

Although batteries can wear out and need replacements, most batteries have about eight years’ warranty given by car manufacturers. And hybrid electric cars that have petrol – driven parts that are not tasked like for 100% conventional petrol cars. The electrical motor does the bulk of moving work; so, the overall cost of maintenance is still lower.

  1. Good for Nature

Electric vehicles do not emit any harmful chemicals, and this helps to keep the air safe. Electric cars also use renewable energy which reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The electric cars are recharged at the grid or through the solar PV system and still reduce greenhouse gas emission.

Some electric car manufacturers have started using recycled materials and bio-based material that are eco-friendly. The Nissan Leaf, for instance, has the bulk of its interior and bodywork made with materials like recycled water bottles, old car parts, and plastic bags.

  1. Health Benefits

Apart from the fact that electric vehicles promote cleaner air and reduce air pollution, electric cars also reduce noise pollution since they are quieter than the petrol–driven cars. As a result, there is an improvement in the overall health of everyone.

  1. Enhanced Safety

Electric vehicles have been discovered to have a lower center of gravity that reduces the likelihood of rolling over. They are also likely to have a lower risk for fires or explosions. In addition, the body construction and durability of electric vehicles can enhance their safety in a collision.

  1. Convenience

By installing an electric vehicle charger at your home or using a condominium charging station, you avoid the hassle of having to fuel up for gas during your commute. Simply plug your car in when you go home and charge it while you sleep overnight.