Whether you’re an inventor, an entrepreneur or you’re just good at coming up with new ideas, having a new product launch can be an exciting time. You’ve no doubt spent hours of your time coming up with new ideas, and now you want to spread the word and get the world to know about what you’ve been doing. But how can you promote a new product? Try out these ideas…

  1. Host an event

If you really want to show off, then consider hosting a launch event for your new product. Invite local media and influencers in your industry, give away free samples, give interviews to news outlets and bloggers and do everything you can to stand out. You’ll no doubt drum up interest from this, and the more people who know about your products, the more likely you are to be able to sell to them. Don’t know where to begin? Check out these tips for hosting an event.

  1. Use social media

By now, you’ll know just how valuable social media can be to small businesses. You can use social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram to tease the launch of your products, and then reveal them to your followers once you’re ready. Create your own hashtag to build up hype, ask people to retweet your reveals and don’t be afraid of posting about your products more than once. Twitter’s new 280 character limit means you’ll be able to say more about its features. You can also try skipping the social media, and sending bulk sms to your customers directly.

  1. Improve your website’s SEO

Search engine optimisation involves making your website more “readable” to Google – and the better your SEO is, the higher you’ll rank for search terms related to your niche. If you’ve just launched a new pet cage, for example, then you could add the “pet cages” keyword to your website and write content around pet cages to rank higher. The more relevant and engaging content you produce on your products, the higher your chances of ranking for it. And if you need help, then you can pay for SEO for small businesses to save time and speed up the process.

  1. Pay for advertising

Pay-per-click and social media advertising are great ways of promoting your new products and getting them in front of your potential audience. Perhaps the best part of paid advertising is that you will be able to choose exactly who sees your ads, so your budget will be better spent than if you were advertising in a local newspaper or magazine, for example. But bear in mind that PPC and social media advertising can be expensive – only go for it if you have the budget to do so.

  1. Send it to influencers

Influencer marketing has exploded in recent years, and involves sending products to influencers in your niche in exchange for them promoting it or mentioning it in their blog or on social media. If you have a relatively affordable product, then send out samples to bloggers and influencers you want to reach (ask them before you do, otherwise you could be sending products to people that have no intention of promoting you). The more you send, the more people you’ll reach.

There you have it – five great ways to promote your new products. These tips should help you save time, save money and get your products in front of the right people practically overnight.