Are you worried that your business videos don’t seem to be engaging as many viewers as you want them to? If you find that lots of viewers aren’t watching your videos till the end, or your videos aren’t producing many shares, comments or other reactions – odds are there is room to improve their engagement.

While it may seem like making business videos more engaging is tricky, there are a few easy ways that you could start:

Focus on bite-sized, ‘snackable’ videos

Viewers nowadays are bombarded with tons and tons of videos, and so much so they are picky about the ones that they choose to watch. In particular viewers tend to gravitate towards videos that are bite-sized and can be watched quickly, meaning that you should focus on creating shorter videos.

The ‘best’ length for your videos will vary based on your target market and the platform you’re publishing business videos on – but in general shoot for videos that are 60 seconds or less, then experiment from there.

Show – don’t tell

If there’s one golden rule to create engaging business videos it is: Show – don’t tell. What that means is that you should try to deliver each point and the overall message of your video as visually as possible, and avoid leaning too heavily on a voiceover to spell it out. If your employees are truly happy, then you should show this and not just mention it.

Doubling down on the visual nature of videos will ensure your video has a bigger impact, is able to more effectively deliver its message, and can better engage viewers. Considering a sizable number of viewers nowadays watch videos on mute, there is more of a case for this than ever.

Make viewers feel something

Videos that make viewers feel some emotion are much more engaging, which is why many funny, inspiring, or touching videos consistently get tons of likes, shares, comments and other reactions. It is important that you try to use that fact to make your business videos more engaging.

Although it may seem difficult to provoke an emotional reaction in business videos – there are ways to go about it. In particular you should try to structure your video as a story as that can make viewers feel invested in the subject and its conclusion.

Now that you know how to start to make your business videos more engaging – go ahead and try it out. If you want to create impressive videos that have an impact on viewers you should try Movavi Video Editor. It is and intuitive and powerful Windows Movie Maker alternative that will give you the freedom to get creative and come up with great business videos.

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