Without much of an introduction, let’s get to the interesting part – the list:

Glucose Monitor Plug-In
A new plug-in product for iPhone from Sanofi, can keep track of your glucose level.

Take a small amount of blood and put it in the device. After connecting to your iPhone, it can calculate your glucose level and keep track of other factors like skipping a meal and exercise.

The product has its own battery and can work without an iPhone, but the ability to connect a smartphone means that it has significantly more options than regular devices that monitor glucose levels.

An excellent tool for pregnant women who can keep track of boring things like fatigue, nausea or back pain with a calendar.

You can also read weekly updates about what happens to the child and you can save notes from the doctor.

This application is for iPhone.

Rank Tracker

If you have a website, it is important to check up on your SEO rankings.

Baby MedBasics
Yet another iPhone application. With Baby MedBasics you can access countless information about your child’s health.

What do you do with a child who is getting stumble? Do you want to see pictures of how to distinguish between rash and hand, foot and mouth disease?

Even if your iPhone is unlikely to be the first one in an emergency, you can at least get lots of information before the accident is over.

Typing Lessons
For both adults and children alike, typing lessons for touch typing on a keyboard can be a very useful and practical skill to learn, or improve at.

Heart Monitor
An application for Android that can measure the user’s heart rate.

Place your finger on the camera for 10 seconds and the software will calculate the rhythm based on the vibrations of each heartbeat.

A patent from Apple also shows that they have considered transforming their iPhone into a cardiac monitor by placing sensors on the outside of the device.

The mobile can thus monitor the heart rate, identify who you are and even measure your mood based on the signals.

Web MD
Web MD is available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

You can figure out which disease you have if your right arm is sleeping and your left leg will not stop shaking. You can therefore get all your hypocondrial tendencies posed.

Developers are planning to make a version for Android.

Vision Test
As the name suggests, you have not been with your ophthalmologist for a long time – and maybe this iPhone application might help diagnose eye problems.

It can of course not replace a visit to the doctor, but if not, it can raise a warning flag.

ECG Monitor
Would you really like to know more about your heartbeat, then this iPhone application is just the case.

This application helps you analyze and understand what the strange heart monitor lines actually mean.

iHeadache (suggested by SEO Agency Toronto)
When a migraine sits in, it can be hard enough to climb in bed, but remember to keep track of time and symptoms.

The app should remedy problems by always being available and detecting symptoms and other details that may help understand what causes headache and how it stops.

You have developed an Android application that can both monitor drops and report to the authorities.

Data from the accelerometer has been evaluated to determine that there is a drop, after which the user must answer a request from the phone, if not, messages are sent to family and friends via SMS.

Answering one of the persons automatically switches the speaker into the phone so that it can confirm that it is a fall.

The application should come out this fall.

With this iPhone app, you can test your hearing and determine if it is within the normal range.

Calorie Counter Food Scanner
This iPhone application can tell you how many calories you consume on one day, for a meal and for a whole week.

Just scan the UPC code with the phone’s camera and it can calculate the calorie intake.

Allergy Alert
With the Allergy Alert iPhone application, you can be informed about pollental, UV index and other index levels for your specific area. An additional click and you can see the numbers for the next four days.

Medical assistance can be very far away. AfriDoctor is an application for Symbian that can help diagnose without being physically present.

People with clearly visible disorders can take a picture sent to a panel of physicians from Health24 – a South African health portal. The team then responds within 48 hours with a diagnosis.

A far from perfect way to diagnose, but when the nearest medical attention is a hundred hundred miles away, it may be helpful.

Breast Cancer
Support the breasts, a campaign that is widely advertised in Denmark.

This iPhone application can not scan for breast cancer, but it can help you understand the disease and can step by step take you through different healthcare methods.

There are illustrations and links to scientific documents about your specific case.

Beer Gut Fitness
Calculate your daily run in how many beers are needed to compensate for the loss of calories.

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